Looking for 3D modeling freelancer

Help needed

There is an unfinished robotic project at this URL: https://github.com/mkramar/dizzyrobot/tree/master/3D

Because I’m too busy with electronics, I’m looking for a person who will help me finish mechanical 3D design.


The project was developed using OpenSCAD 3D modelling software. It is a scripting language. Instead of visually designing models you have to write scripts.

Who am I looking for?

Your experience with OpenSCAD is advantage but NOT absolutely necessary. Instead I’m looking for a smart person who will be happy to accept the challenge. Because OpenSCAD is a scripting language, preference will be given to someone with programming experience. It is not an easy project; you should be smart, creative, think out of the box and be prepared to invent 🙂

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Power line and ground plane interference trouble

I’m going to write up some details on the trouble I’m experiencing with my controller design. I’m planning to ask experienced people for advice and once the problem gets solved (hopefully) I’ll share the solution for the public benefit 🙂

OK, what is the trouble?

I’m trying to drive powerful 3-phase BLDC motor using MCU. I use STSPIN32F0 which has integrated MOSFET drivers and integrated 3.3V buck converter. I use timers to generate 3-phase sinusoidal PWM.  My problem is that high-current components don’t coexist nicely with 3.3V logic on the same small board. If I drive motor very gently, it is all good, but as I increase power interference on power line and on ground gets so high that debugging interface stops responding and MCU resets. KiCad project can be found here.

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