3D modeling help needed – updated requirements

Based on feedback for my previous post I’m changing the approach and updating requirements.

If you haven’t read https://www.dizzy.ai/2017/12/09/help-needed please read it first and then come back.

Instead of OpenScad I’m now convinced that I should go with SolidWorks, so whoever bids for this project must have SolidWorks experience. Experience in injection molding is also required.

Since all the work I did in OpenScad cannot be reused, instead I will upload detailed sizes here and it is up to you to choose approach to recreate it. Please download here:



There will be  a number of stages to this project, but for now I will only define  first two.

Stage 1 is to create models for non-plastic parts such as motors, boards, etc. Also arrange the sizes of the body parts. I expect you to come up with reusable modules for motor mounding, board mounding, sensors, etc. I also expect to get a skeleton assembly model resembling this.

Stage 2 is to create detailed model for lower body+heap. All the motors, boards, etc. that you designed in Stage 1 will have to be used here.

  • Both parts will have to be 3D printable and moldable.
  • I’m not giving you any detailed sizes, it should be up to you. You should be prepared to be creative and invent! Please don’t bid if you are not prepared to work in creative mode 🙂
  • In the end I want you to have video Skype session with me and walk me though what you have done. This is going to be a kind of tutorial for me. Since I don’t have experience with SolidWorks I want you to show me how to do adjustments to the model.

I’d like to estimate Stage 1 and 2 as one piece of work, both in terms of duration and cost. Obviously we can split payment in several chunks.

Before we begin I’d like to have a Skype screencast session with you to discuss requirements in more details.